President, he's paranoid.

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"Kiki.." Kiki.. He murmured her name, and the white and turbid Jing liquid finally shot out of her mouth and was pushed back by the school beauty to read the full text.

"Kiki.." Kiki.. He murmured her name, and the white and turbid Jing liquid finally shot out of her mouth and was pushed back by the school beauty to read the full text. He gasped and stared as she swallowed his liquid, as she leaned over and kissed him gently on the lips. On her lips, there is his breath. She smiled and said, "Look, it's not dirty." Her smile, dazzling his eyes, is like the most dazzling sunshine, which can dispel all the darkness around him. ———— The night indulges, the crescent moon is like a hook. On the other side, Lu Xiaoxu was a little surprised at the development of things, and what he thought was totally different. As a bridesmaid, she did not drink much wine today, so relatively, between her and Jun Jinchen, the more sober person is her. As a result,jujube seed powder, Comrade Xiaoxu felt that after the show, she was fully capable of taking a bus or taking a taxi back to her dormitory. Otherwise, if there were extra drivers in her family, she could also ask the driver to send her back. She promised that she could report the address of her residence clearly. But Jun Jinchen insisted on personally sending Lu Xiaoxu back to the dormitory. Lu Xiaoxu looked at the man with red cheeks and slightly drunk eyes and hurriedly said, "No, I can go back myself." At the moment of speaking out,pumpkin seed extract, Lu Xiaoxu immediately felt that many "sharp swords of vision" were shooting at her, and most of them were female guests who had not left around. Many of them were wearing military uniforms, which were so bright that they almost blinded Lu Xiaoxu's classmates. The eye of sight. I'll take you. Jun Jingchen insisted that the three short words made the meaning clear in a simple and shocking way. Well, they are a handsome general, and they want to send you a small citizen. If you are sensible, you should snicker. Lu Xiaoxu pondered for a moment, nodded, and agreed. Jun Jinchen drank wine, naturally will not knowingly break the law to drive. Jun's driver was driving in the front row, while Lu Xiaoxu and Jun Jingchen were sitting in the back row. Lu Xiaoxu reported his address to the driver. The driver started the car. Lu Xiaoxu looked at the time on his watch. It was not too late at 10 o'clock in the evening. As soon as he turned his head, he found Jun Jingchen looking at her. Perhaps it was because he had drunk a lot of wine that his eyes were not as cold as usual, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,naringenin price, but more hazy and drunk. Lu Xiaoxu's heart suddenly jumped, and there was a feeling that the color was not charming. Some people do not need to do anything, as long as they sit quietly and watch, they will attract the attention of others and make people dazzled. How much wine did you drink tonight? Lu Xiaoxu hurriedly found a topic. I haven't calculated it, but it's a little more than usual. He replied. Do you usually drink? She continued to ask. Not often, occasionally when social intercourse will drink some, or when a person is bored will drink some. He said. Stuffy? It was a little hard for her to imagine that a person like him would feel bored? In her opinion, he should be the kind of person who doesn't care whether he is bored or not, or he will not be bored at all, but will calmly decide what to do at this time. However, just when Lu Xiaoxu wanted to ask again, he saw Jun Jinchen's upper body upside down toward her side. Her low voice was still stuck in her throat, and his head was already resting on her shoulder. .. Volume I [284] Drunk This is.. Falling asleep drunk?! Lu Xiaoxu was stunned for a minute before he could react. Turning her head slightly, from her point of view, she could only see Jun Jingchen's black hair, straight nose, closed eyes and long black eyelashes. It's a little strange to be leaned on by a man like this for the first time. Jun Jinchen! Lu Xiaoxu shouted softly, but did not hear his answer. So he called a few more times, but there was still no answer. It seems that you are really drunk! Lu Xiaoxu thought in his heart, looking at Jun Jinchen like this, and then looked out of the window. Driver, why don't you send Jun Jinchen back first? Lu Xiaoxu said to the driver in the front row. But Dashao said he would send Miss Lu back to the dormitory first. The driver replied with some embarrassment. "It's all sent anyway, and it doesn't matter if you send me back later." She can't go back to the dormitory by herself and stay drunk in the car. The driver saw that Lu Xiaoxu insisted, so he said, "Where is Miss Lu going to send Dashao?" "Huh?"? What? Which way? Lu Xiaoxu asked. Most of them usually live on both sides of the seaside villa and your ancestral home. The driver explained. Lu Xiaoxu remembered that when she first met Jun Jinchen, Jun Jinchen took her to a villa by the sea. Lu Xiaoxu pondered that she had no key to the villa by the sea, and that someone could open the door on this side of Jun's ancestral house, so he said to the driver, "That's Jun's ancestral house." The driver turned the car around and drove in the direction of Jun's ancestral home. Along the way, Jun Jingchen fell asleep quietly on Lu Xiaoxu's shoulder, so that she had to admire his good wine. If she had been so drunk, she would not have been so quiet. It is estimated that she would have pulled people from asking the blue sky for wine to singing a big river flowing eastward. The car drove to the ancestral home of Jun's family. The driver got out of the car and helped Lu Xiaoxu with Jun Jinchen. The servant in the mansion came out and opened the door, and Lu Xiaoxu knew that the rest of the Jun family had not come back yet, and that she and Jun Jingchen were the first to return to the Jun family. After asking about Jun Jinchen's room, Lu Xiaoxu finally brought Jun Jinchen back to the room with the others. It is said that people who are drunk are particularly heavy, and this time she has seen it. The servants withdrew from the room, and Lu Xiaoxu wiped the sweat from his forehead and looked around the room. Because she herself is also engaged in home design and decoration,tannic acid astringent, it is natural to see that the wooden furniture in the room is made of the best rosewood, just take a bedside table out, I am afraid it can sell millions.